Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Creative Card Swap

A few weeks ago, my sister found a card swap online called "Inspirational Card Swap" hosted by Jessica Brogan.  The theme was "Nature" and we used just a standard card deck and created a piece of art on one side.  My absolute favorite thing to do is to create 'fabric paper' using a method described by Beryl Taylor in her book "Mixed Media Explorations." She is one of my favorite textile artists.

I started with a few basic supplies: muslin, diluted white glue and tissue paper.  I decided to use a patterned paper this time.  I then added paints and inks until I liked the overall design.  My finished piece was probably 18" by 30" give or take an inch or two.  When it was dry I turned it over and used soft gel medium to adhere the 52 cards.  I weighted them down and it does take some time to dry.  When dry I cut out the 52 cards and voila!

Fifty-two cards ready for mailing!

This was really fun to do and we came into it a little bit later than others which actually kept me motivated to finish.  Jessica then does all the sorting and mailing and we, the lucky recipients, receive 52 different pieces of art from the U.S. and abroad.  Hopefully this will encourage you to do something similar.  It's exciting to see how other artists interpret a theme.

Happy creating,