Friday, June 12, 2009

Mama's Hip Henna

I belong to this wonderful circle of very artistic and creative friends. We meet once a month for friendship, encouragement, discovery, enlightenment, laughter, sometimes tears, hugs, food...whatever we can think of! My life has profoundly changed over the last few years as a result of these friendships. We are, with one exception, over the age of 40. I am rapidly approaching being over 60 and I am the oldest member of the group, but hardly the wisest.

This month we decided we needed henna tattoos. Don't know why, we just did. This is my beautiful tattoo drawn by my friend Sue and it is so me! I think I will be sad when it's gone.



Diva Kreszl said...

Sounds like a very wonderful group! I too am new to this blogging thing and am hoping it will free me creatively...being a woman over 50 makes it hard to break old habits, I am trying to allow myself more me time!

Efrat Dalton said...

Love the tattoo! Did sue painted all the tattoos on everyone? She should start a new business in fares hahaha
Noy was board at the party I can't blame her when most of the guests were adults.
Love you,