Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I haven't blogged in quite awhile so I decided to choose this time of the year to start my blog back up and commit to faithfully blogging in 2011, and beyond I hope.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I shared on facebook recently how difficult the past nine Christmases have been. For those of you who aren't on facebook, my mother passed away at Christmas nine years ago and to say it's been tough would be an understatement. I realized today that one of the things that got me through the holidays was keeping our Christmas traditions, many of which were started when I was very young. My mother loved Christmas and my sisters and I shared that love with her. When she passed away we became caretakers of her Santas, snowmen and ornaments. These little guys are one of my favorites:

Mom bought these before I was even born, or shortly thereafter.  Which, if you're trying to count, was over 60 years ago.  They've held up quite well, don't you think?  There are nine of them so the girls and I each have three, which in my mind represents the three of us.  My sisters and I have a very strong bond and seeing these sitting on the mantle is a comforting reminder of that bond.  They stay out all winter.

Unbeknownst to me, my sister Sam started collecting Christmas Tree pins and one year when Sam and Mom were visiting me,  my mother decided that I, too, should become completely obsessed with collecting Christmas Tree pins.  That probably wasn't her intent, but that was the outcome.  Here's a small peek:

If I were to wear a different pin everyday I'd have to start in July.  I think Sam has so many she'd have to start LAST New Year's Eve! 

For the first time in nine years, Sam, Linn and I get to make new Christmas memories and traditions together.  The time starts in two days.  I'll be leaving Colorado and Linn will be leaving Alabama to join Sam in the California Sierras for our very own 12 Days of Christmas.  And those cookies you see pictured above?  Well, as Linn once said, "It's Tradition."



La Dolce Vita said...

great post and what fun getting together again and going back to CA, wow the fun you will have! have a blast and safe travel! xox

Laura Pallatin said...

I hope that you continue to make wonderful new memories for your holidays. My sweet man has struggled with the holidays for many years. I think this is the first year he has not fallen into a serious sad spell. It gets better, as they say!
Laura P.

Kathleen Sigg said...

My sister (the one we're visiting)said it perfectly - It just hasn't felt like Christmas until this year when she knew we were coming. It definitely gets better, Laura. Thanks for the post.