Saturday, April 7, 2012

Something Different...

Bottle of Truth

 I'm participating in an artful round robin swap through
Timeless Creations in Ft. Collins.
The rules are simple.  Each participating artist (there are
14 of us) was to create a box in her chosen theme and the boxes would then 
circulate, round robin style, and each artist would then
create a piece of art in her chosen medium that would reflect
the theme of the box.  The first box I received was created
by my friend Kelly with the theme being
"Aunt Tilly's Tinctures, Tonics and Tiny Things Tasty."

I used a very, very old bottle, decoupaged the outside with some
fabulous tissue, hand dyed and painted the lace bits.  Added some beads,
bling and velvet ribbon along with a vintage knob for the top.  
The little scroll holds the following poem that inspired me:

Truth will ever Soothe

Truth will never die
It is patiently waiting
to come out one day
to be seen by all of us.

It may now lose a deal,
but  it is calculating
to strike at the right time.
Its power, none can fathom.

When truth is spoken,
there Angels surround
and bless the soul
that fights for truth.

Truth will at last triumph.
It seems it has now lost,
but that is an illusion.
Truth will one day win.

So speak the truth always.
Uttering lie invites disgrace. 
Whenever truth is suppressed
it, at the right time, erupts.

Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

 A view of the back:

 It doesn't really look this bright in real life, but the morning sun
(yay morning sun!) brightened it right up for the photo.

I hope my little artful piece will inspire you to
"Speak the truth always."



Artfully Musing said...

Love this!

Caterina Giglio said...

yay morning sun! makes it sparkle that much more! which artful friend ... Kelly? xo