Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Table

          My husband is a woodworker, a refurbisher, a recycler/upcycler, a refinisher and all around creative guy.  As a result, people are always giving him things that he might be able to "do something with."

           A dear friend recently moved from Colorado to Maryland and took on the immense task of downsizing.  During the process, she gave my husband "The Table."  He planned to refinish it one day and possibly sell it, because we really didn't have room for it.  It was shuffled around the garage/workshop before eventually ending up in our storage unit.  Then came my epiphany.

           I am fortunate enough to have two creative spaces.  My basement is divided right down the middle with one side being the fabric, lace, buttons, ribbons, fiber and needlework space:

and the other being the mixed media (and all that entails) space:

           This space has always felt as if something was missing.  I realized that my favorite spaces that I would come across in magazines, blogs and Pinterest, had one thing in common, a fabulous wood work table.  The warmth of wood has always appealed to me and I could envision myself working at any one of these tables.  That's what my space was missing.  Warmth!  Hence, the epiphany.  MY table was sitting in a lonely storage unit just waiting to be brought back to life and what I loved most were the imperfections; the scars, dents and stains that make you realize that someone else used this table to create and daydream.  It's now in my space, as is, and I'm drawn to it every single day.  I like to believe I am bringing as much life to it as it's bringing to me.

I wish you all a warm, creative space,




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