Thursday, August 27, 2015

A New Day

     Ever since I was a young girl, I've loved the promise of a new day.  It always  meant a time to stat over with a clean slate with all the troubles and cobwebs from the day before having been swept away.

     This new day has been three years in the making.  It's been filled with everything other than what I truly wanted to be doing.  A full-time job that was, at times, unbelievably stressful, buying a house and moving.  It also had moments of pure joy:  Two new granddaughters (bringing the total  number of grandchildren up to six) and the beautiful wedding of my only daughter.

     Through it all, the good, the bad and the amazing, all I wanted to do was create.  I have lovely, wonderful creative friends and two great creative spaces, but just couldn't find the time, the energy or the creative spark that I needed.  Mostly it was the creative spark that was missing.  Even after retiring for a second time at the end of March, it has taken me five months to find myself and that spark.  What ignited the spark was taking a couple of classes from the amazing Finnabair, aka Anna Dabrowska, an extraordinary mixed media artist and teacher.  The photo above represents one of the pieces I did in class.

     This is a piece I created for my lovely and talented sister in honor of her birthday, to put in her art studio.

      I have always loved mixed media & collage work, especially working with textiles and embellishments of all sorts, so with that in mind I will be supplying my poor neglected Etsy shop with packages of lovely things for others to enjoy.

      A dear friend suggested I call them Bundles of Beautiful, which I quite like.  I love beautiful, vintage things so stay tuned for updates on that little endeavor.

    Having moved, my creative space has changed quite a bit.  Here are a few pictures:

 Can't forget the coffee bar!

My wish for all of you, is that you have found your
creative spark.


1 comment: said...

The works you created are marvelous! I like especially the one you made for your sister. I'm sure she's also as talented as you are. Talent shouldn't be hidden.